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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to THE DESIGN KARKHANA. Karkhana is a Bengali term for FACTORY. I have inherited my Creative genes from my Grand Father. Since I was in school he has always encouraged me to go on and explore my creativity in our town surroundings at the age of 10. His open mind and acceptance for different cultures has been passed on to me along with his belief in me.

This is my design collective and this is what I do best. For the last 5 years I have been experimenting with various forms and techniques and have specialized in Motions Graphics, Broadcast design, Print and Visual Effects.

I do what I love to do…

Photography is something which I always love to do… wannna capture the whole world in a frame.

“We believe in approaching every project with freshness and flexibility through the eyes of a child whose mind is open and free to interpretation. The project moves beyond our joblist and become a part of out lives, we breathe, dream and celebrate it. Our vision is to break monotony, to create a world, which stimulates the intellect and satisfies the senses. We envisage growth with every project- for the company and its client’s.”


Email: anirbanbony@gmail.com, anirban.c15@gmail.com | M: +91 9892553993

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All contents herein are copyrighted by © Anirban Chakraborty 2012 and the Client, Except where otherwise noted. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


One response

  1. Raunak Ghosal

    Hello Anirban Da I am Raunak (Roni)….i love your works and i think you know my sister Ritu Chandra Ghosal/Dutta she told me about you… i want to do the same things as you are doing now… and would ask you to give me some tips…i am tryin to get into CALCUTTA ART COLLEGE…if u can guide me and tell me the streams i should take there….and what to do after i pass out from there… hoping to get a hear from you soon…. my number is 9836877517… if i can talk to u it will be even better…

    March 11, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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