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Watch the full 9XM Pungi Packaging here.

9XO Song Olympics





Watch the 9XO Song Olympics packaging here.

Show Logo – Broadcast design

Xylem Interactive

Xylem Interactive Systems Logo design

9X Jalwa

9X Jalwa is a Retro music channel dealing mailing with the older generation songs. The logo design was done accordingly. the idea was to arrive at a point which looked Retro.

© Anirban Chakraborty 2011 | Channel: 9X Jalwa

The Bench Story

Last night I was browsing the artworks of Pascal Campion, an inspirational artist with a class apart. All his paintings portray emotions of our daily life. I kept them browsing and listened to his video what he has to say. I was completely on a different zone after that. I realized that I didn’t even touched my sketch book since 14 years.  I wanted to go back to the roots once again. His paintings inspired me to draw once again after ages. I started replicating one of his artwork to get into the mood. This is in honor of a great artist that made me hold the stylus once again.

Teri Meri Kahaani

Show Packaging | ONIMATOONS

Logo design: ONIMATOONS  |  Channel: 9XO

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