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Watch the full 9XM Pungi Packaging here.


9XO Song Olympics





Watch the 9XO Song Olympics packaging here.

9X Jalwa

9X Jalwa is a Retro music channel dealing mailing with the older generation songs. The logo design was done accordingly. the idea was to arrive at a point which looked Retro.

© Anirban Chakraborty 2011 | Channel: 9X Jalwa

Show Packaging | ONIMATOONS

Logo design: ONIMATOONS  |  Channel: 9XO

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EVOLVE Mediaworks Logo

Car Jeeto Contest

Medium: Stop Motion | Channel: 9X

SHAKIRA Title Packaging

The concept behind the packaging was to portray the dual character of Shakira, for UTV BINDASS channel. We developed the look and feel where Red  denotes the girl who is afraid of the dark and the same girl (in Blue costume) transforms into a Super Woman kinda personality at night and try to end the evil from the world. The logo was designed accordingly.

Style Frame: SHAKSHI

Style Frame: SHAKIRA

Directed by: Shakeel  | Cinematography: Akshay | VFX: Anirban and Bodhisatva | Post Production: UTV POST

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