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Holiday in the Jungle – Jim Corbett

Holiday in the Jungle

Jim Corbett National Reserve is like a second home. It’s the most beautiful jungle I have ever seen in India. This summer 2012 I visited this awesome place.

As far as I am concerned, now Every-time I close my eyes, i see those colors.. every time I stop my breath, i smell those eternal scents…

Every time there is a silence, i heard those sounds from the jungle, and everytime i speak, its aboutCorbett.. My Birthplace! I preserved those eternal scents of the Corbett, enough to keep the memories fresh until my next visit.. Every time it becomes difficult to leave that place .. this time too it was no exception ..

Muntjac deer fall in the category of those deer that are shy and elusive. They are also known by the name of Kakad deer or the Barking deer in India. The reason for the latter name is their alarm call, which seems very much similar to the barking of a dog.

The Pied Bushchat (Saxicola caprata) is a small passerine bird found ranging from West and Central Asia to South and Southeast Asia. About sixteen subspecies are recognized through its wide range with many island forms. It is a familiar bird of countryside and open scrub or grassland where it is found perched at the top of short thorn trees or other shrubs, looking out for insect prey.

The Spangled Drongo has glossy black plumage, with iridescent blue-green spots (spangles), a long forked tail and blood red eyes.

The Purple-rumped Sunbird (Leptocoma zeylonica) is a sunbird endemic to the Indian Subcontinent.

The Brown Fish Owl (Bubo zeylonensis or Ketupa zeylonensis) is an owl. This species is a part of the family known as typical owls, Strigidae, which contains most living owls. It inhabits the warm subtropical and humid tropical parts of continental Asia and some offshore islands.